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0 Strange But True, The kiss that makes the baby died

LONDON (Reuters Voice Media) That is a sign of love to give kisses to the baby who was only 11 days. Who would have thought the kiss was actually delivering the baby to death.

British health authorities quoted by news agency AFP on Sunday states, most likely the baby girl died because the mother transmitting the virus through kissing babies breath.

Based on the examination, named Jennifer Schofield infants infected with Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) that causes damage to the baby's gums.

His mother, Ruth (35), apparently aware of the virus late in pregnancy that she had suffered. He also did not have immunity against the virus, as well as her baby.

The virus was quickly attacked most of the organs and die within a few days.

Ruth himself was suffering from flu symptoms a few days before giving birth. There are some wounds in the mouth such as thrush. Before he died, the baby is experiencing the same symptoms. The baby died in hospital.

James Adeley medics said, no one to blame associated with this virus infection. Ruth is now actively campaigning for the awareness of pregnant mothers in Britain. At least six babies meninggal every year because of this virus.

"I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken by the death of Jennifer. Already more than a year since the death of my son, but her pain is still felt to this day," he said

source http://www.suaramedia.com
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0 Interference power outages worsened India

India :
Approximately 600 million people in India affected by power outages following the supply disruption that hit the country's northern region on the second day.
Officials said the plant in the north and east of the country died. All the rail network in Delhi and stopped trying to evacuate employees of the passengers.
Power outages that occurred on Monday (31/07) that causes major disruption of transport across northern India.
It is unclear why the power off but the electrical affairs minister said that some states use electricity above the allowed limit.
Sushil Kumar Shinde said the possibility of electricity can be restored in about 90 minutes.
Following a disturbance that occurred on Monday, the technicians restore the flow of electricity at night, but by the middle of Tuesday at 01:05 pm local time, power off again.
Frequent power failure
Plant in the east also die at the same time, according to officials.
"The plant in the north and east of the dead. Let us solve this problem," AFP news agency quoted VK Agrawal, manager of the plant in the north.
These two plants supply electricity to half of the population of India, amounting to 1.2 billion people.
Power outages occurred in many places including the capital Delhi, and the state of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan in the north and West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa in the east.
Rail officials said more than 350 trains to a halt while hospitals and other public facilities to use generator.
Power outages are common in Indian cities due to electricity shortages and the aging of plants.
Electricity demand in India increased in recent years because of economic development but the infrastructure does not support.
Correspondents say the absence of a major investment in electric field, India would often crash.

Source :bbc indonesia
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0 Better double Indeed Thailand

Jakarta - Tontowi Ahmad / Liliyana final defeat at the Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series of Sudket Prapakamol / Saralee Thounthongkam. Liliyana admitted his opponent played better than them.

Seeded third, Tontowi / Lilyana lost 17-21, 21-17 and 13-21 in the final match held in Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (17/06/2012) night.

As a result they failed to add the championship title at this year Once Able To won three titles at the All England, Swiss Open and the India Open.

"They again appear in the top performance and outstanding, in addition to us not loose the game. Players Thailand also played pretty good and we were overwhelmed against them," said Lilyana after the game.

"We admit we get carried away their game. But it does not want us to make an excuse. We recognize the opponent is better," he continued.

Full support of the audience, he did not feel it as a burden, but he also admitted they were too over-confidence that would lead to their defeat.

"I think the pressure of the audience had no effect. We see fit in the semifinals yesterday, they really helped us. It makes us more viewers support spirit. But I have to admit that Thailand played better.

"I think we are too confident because in three previous finals (All England, Switzerland and India - ed) we always win. So ultimately could not play off that," said Tontowi.
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0 Interesting fact in 2012 Olympics

London: Some interesting facts in the events associated with sporting events that have occurred in the capital city of London, England.

A. London will become the first city in the history of the Olympics, which will host the Summer Olympics for the third time. Olympics have been held in London twice, in 1908 and 1948.
2. Organizers of the 2012 Olympics in London trying to make more environmentally friendly. During preparation, approximately half a million new trees planted. In addition, the participants will arrive by subway, rather than by car.
3. Most of the waste in London will be reused and the remaining ingredients, and even be used to generate electricity.
4. 2012 Olympics logo, the logo by Wolff Olins designed which repeatedly criticized as a symbol resembling the Nazi swastika. In addition, Iran announced that they would boycott the Olympics in London because of the logo resembled the word "Zion", a synonym for the city of Jerusalem.
5. About 4,700 medals will be released to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. 2012 Olympic medal would be the biggest in Olympic history. Olympic medal weight up to 400 grams.
6. The most senior participant at the 2012 Olympics is a 70-year-old athlete from Japan, Hiroshi Hoketsu, who will compete in equestrian sports.
7. Not all of the Olympic Games 2012 are required to buy tickets. There are three games the 2012 London Olympics could be seen for free, the triathlon, marathon, and cycling.
8. London 2012 Olympic stadium 75 percent lighter than the Olympic stadium in Beijing

Source : Liputan6.com
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0 Ramadan, the Blood Donor Car sambangi Houses of Worship

Jakarta, Indonesia

The car belongs to the Red Cross blood donor Indonesia visited the houses of worship, the mosques and churches, to prevent blood shortages during Ramadan and Eid 1433 H.

"If the current situation (fasting month), then the people who are Muslims perform the night after the donor Tarawih prayers. So, the Red Cross blood donor car put in a big mosque in Jakarta," said PMI Chairman Jusuf Kalla in Jakarta, Friday (27/7).

At noon, the former vice president, the car will be in the churches. According to him, that activity has been running since the beginning of Ramadan.

"It decreases the blood stock is obtained when Ramadan than before," he added.

On the same day, JK also to monitor the blood supply in Jakarta PMI office in Jalan Kramat Raya. After monitoring, JK ensure that there is adequate stock of blood in the blood needs of the country's capital.

"Praise to the present stock of which is sufficient blood two and a half days. So, stock for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr is safe," he said.

The blood supply in Indonesia is still in a critical stage because of the accumulated blood bags smaller than the requirement of blood bags.

Based on the PMI data, the blood needs in Indonesia in 2010 reached 4.5 million bags per year, while the blood which had collected from donors only 3.5 million bags

Source : Liputan6.com
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0 Fixtures Of Olympic 2012 London ( FOOTBALL )

Opening the 2012 London Olympics Games: (Live! Saturday, July 28, 2012, At 02:45 GMT)
Spain vs Japan (Thursday, July 26, 2012, At 21:30 GMT)
Mexico vs South Korea (Thursday, July 26, 2012, At 23:45 GMT)
Brazil vs Egypt (Live! Friday, July 27, 2012, At 01:30 GMT)
England vs Senegal (Friday, July 27, 2012, At 04:00 GMT)
Brazil vs. Belarus (Sunday, July 29, 2012, At 22:30 pm)
Spain vs Honduras (Live! Monday, July 30, 2012, At 01:15 GMT)
England vs United Arab Emirates (Monday, July 30, 2012, At 04:00 GMT)
England v Uruguay (Live! Thursday, August 2, 2012, At 01:30 GMT)
Quarter Final 3 (Live! Saturday, August 4, 2012, At 23:30 GMT)
Quarter Final 4 (Live! Sunday, August 5, 2012, At 01:00 GMT)
Quarter Final 1 (Sunday, August 5, 2012, At 03:30 GMT)
Quarter Final 2 (Sunday, August 5, 2012, At 05.00 pm)
Semifinal 1 (Live! Tuesday, August 7, 2012, At 22:45 GMT)
Semifinal 2 (Live! Wednesday, August 8, 2012, At 01:00 GMT)
3rd Place (Live! Saturday, August 11, 2012, At 01:15 GMT)
Final (Live! Saturday, August 11, 2012, At 20:30 pm)
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0 Think Henry Wilshere Arsenal Essentials

Jack Wilshere missed the entire season due to ankle injury. Wilshere was injured during a match against a team Thierry Henry, New York Red Bulls in the preseason.

Arsene Wenger revealed that Wilshere will be able to play again in October. Thierry Henry could not wait to see action again to defend Arsenal's Wilshere.

"Attendance is very important for Arsenal whilshere. She looks like me when I first came to Arsenal. There was a lot of older players. Wilshere is Arsenal fans, the English original, and most importantly, he has a vital role for the club," said Henry to the Sky Sports News.

Henry also regretted the problems experienced by the Wilshere today. He could understand the feelings that Wilshere can not do anything to help the club he loves. Now, Henry Wilshere just hope that soon recovered from his injury.

Attendance is highly awaited penggawa Wilshere Arsenal. After Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to leave the Emirates, Wilshere is predicted to be the backbone of Arsenal's midfield. Moreover, Wenger has not been quality midfielder in the transfer market this time.

source : Bola.net
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